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Let Fitted’s AI and Predictive Retail take your business to the next level


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Insights to Scale

Fitted transforms the specialty retail experience through AI-based consumer insight, cutting-edge inventory management, and a world-class digital presence

Fitted for E-COMMERCE
Turnkey E-commerce

Build-out product catalog with automated updates and presentation.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE
AI-powered Insights:

Insights on live customer shopping journey.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE
Streamlined Inventory

A single place to simultaneously manage in-store and brand inventory availability.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE
Optimized Customer

Solutions to maximize customer retention and personalization.


Set your Business in Motion

Fitted equips running retailers with an ecommerce platform and digital tools, powered by AI, to provide insights to manage and grow your business.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE

Transform your site into a world-class online shopping experience, with a click.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE

Out-of-the-box POS integration with real-time inventory and customer purchase history.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE

AI-driven insights to enhance customer experience and personalization.


Innovation that matters

Fitted's cloud-based analytics platform equips brands with AI-powered proprietary insights for informed business decisions on marketing, product design and operations.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE

Maximize customer targeting + segmentation with demographic and shopping behavior insights.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE

Data-driven design based on bench-marked brand performance and comparison.

Fitted for E-COMMERCE

Optimize inventory management based on live retailer sell-thru data and demand.


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"Since we launched our own e-commerce business almost 10 years ago, I’ve been searching for a much simpler, less costly and more powerful platform. A turn-key solution that addresses the unique needs of a specialty running business, insuring that our customers get professionally and properly fit for the right shoes.  Thankfully Fitted is doing just that - bringing our unique in-store experience online."

Kris Hartner Store Owner, Naperville Running Co

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